About Us

Welcome to Dye Hard Fan, the best place to get that one of a kind, where'd ya get that piece you've been dying for. Dye Hard Fan offers sweatshirts, clear bags for game day, t-shirts, long sleeves & hats.

Each item is designed and hand dyed to be worn by a die hard fan. Whether you're wearing it to the game or on the couch, we're got something unique for you. 

Based in Philadelphia, Dye Hard Fan curates items for the Philadelphia Dye Hard Fan. Custom orders are open for any fan.

Dye Hard Fan is built around style and uniqueness to celebrate and empower an inclusive community where everyone can have the confidence to represent their teams in a fun and vibrant way. Current sports items for women are dull and don't have the ability to empower the fan to feel great while representing their team. Our items are versatile and truly embody what it means to be a die hard fan.


Have you seen us in Philly mag? Explore the articles that have boosted our name around Philadelphia & beyond: